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Game environment design.

Quetzalcoatl was a college group project, where we were tasked with developing a concept, and then creating the assets for a small game.

The goal of the game was to rescue the small villagers by clicking and dragging them onto the designated safe zones. Some would explode on contact (counting as a failed attempt), while others were too heavy to drag, and could only be nudged by the cursor.

Each failed rescue would cause the magma levels to rise, and at certain points the stone face would change its expression to show its displeasure.

I was responsible for the level design and environment assets, while Liam Summers from Summers and Co. Design worked on the villagers. The final product, scripted by our lecturer, can be played on the Friends of Design website.

Quetzalcoatl Game Quetzalcoatl Game Quetzalcoatl Game